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Bedroom Furniture Designs

Color Schemes for Girls Bedrooms

When you think of single color for girls bedroom, then pink and green are the most popular color choices for bedroom. Pink brings in a sense of coziness in the room while green has its own freshness as it reminds us of nature. Neutral shades like yellow and red are also good bedroom colors for girls. If she finds one single color looks boring then you can combine two different colors one her bedroom walls. Pink and lime green, pink and orange, yellow and purple are some interesting color combination that girls prefer. You can refer to interior painting.

If your girls has chosen a very bold color for her bedroom then you can soften it up using a light color at the trims or by using some stencils with complementary light color. Sometimes, girls make some strange demands like she wants black in the walls of her bedroom. For instance walls painted with bright yellow color can be toned down by affixing polka dot wall decals. You know it is not going to work as it has unpleasant sight and the room will look smaller too. In that case use some black here and there in order to please her. Read more on bedroom color schemes.

Bedroom Colors and Designs

If you use some patterns and designs to paint the wall, then it will give a more decorated look to the room. Creating stripes on the walls can make them look very attractive. Floral designs are also liked by girls so you can make different floral patterns and fill them with various complementary colors like yellow orange, light green, etc. Similarly, different types of graphic designs can also be made. You can choose a sky theme for your little girl. It will inspire the imagination of her little mind. For this, paint the entire room including the ceiling with light sky blue color. Then make some small clouds all over the place on it with the help of white paint and a smooth rag. read more on bedroom wall painting ideas.

You can also decide on a theme for the bedroom and color the walls according to that particular theme. If your daughter is a teenager and loves the beaches, then opt for a beach theme. Let the base color of the walls be light blue. In the lower portion of the walls, add light brown color to create the the beach. Before the brown color dries up, blot it up with sponge to make it look like sand. At the top side of the wall, Make white clouds by applying white paint with a sponge in any random areas. You can create a horizon by drawing a line with dark blue paint at the middle of the walls. Find more on bedroom wall colors.

Flower garden theme is liked by girls of all age groups. Paint the walls with a suitable background color that can make the flowers look beautiful. Blue or green will be better as these colors are closer to nature. Then draw the figures of her favorite flowers with stencils on the wall and then fill in with colors by using a thin paintbrush. To get more information read on:

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These are some of the interesting colors and themes that are suitable for girls bedroom। You can take them as your inspiration and use your own creative ideas to add more fun and excitement to bedroom colors for girls.

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Modern Furniture

Ideas For A Girl’s Themed Bedroom

Rock and Roll Style
If your girl is an ardent fan of music, the best bet would be to revamp her room in the rock and roll style. Start by giving a dramatic look to the walls. Instead, of going for subtle colors, choose black, dark purple and red as an option. Mixing abstract colors with prints and sparkle is also fine as long as your girl loves it. Another option would be to highlight one of the walls in the room, using wall stickers and wallpapers with music theme.

Go for such bedspreads, blankets, sheets and pillows that add to the color scheme. Peg racks qualify as a great option when it comes for hanging clothes or accessorizing the room. Remember to glue old CDs at the back of your girl's bed. As for the window cover, get one that has musical notes on it, to merge it with the theme. Now, to give the final touch to your girl’s room, have a lava lamp or black light to add to the retro 70's rock and roll feel.

Classy Pink
Pink is universally known as the color of feminity. If your girl’s favorite color also happens to be pink, it would be great to style her room accordingly. Right from giving off a soft, feminine feel, pink can also be playful and cozy. If you do not want all the walls to be painted in pink, the most ideal combinations would be pink and white (classic style), pink and brown (luxurious and lavish), pink and black (chic and sophisticated) or hot pink and lime green (energetic and vibrant).

Enhance the walls by adding polka dots and ruffles. Laces and flowers would be the best way to accessorize a pretty pink bedroom. As for the armoire, get it in colors that complement the room. Make sure you replace the plain drawer pulls with crystal ones. Decorative tiebacks on windows, in pinks, jewels or glass, would be a great option. As for the lights, get a small chandelier in pink or lavender to complete the look of the room.

Dancing Queen
If your girl is a great dancer, the best bet would be style her room according to her talent. While there are different forms of dancing, ballet is a hot favorite among girls. For a ballet themed room, style the look of the walls, at first. There are umpteen wallpaper boarders or appliqués of ballerinas, in the form of ballet slippers, ribbons, bows and roses. Allot one of the walls as the 'Wall Of Fame', adorning it with the pictures of your girl’s dance performances. Make sure that every photo frame matches with the others.

One of the most important features for such a room would be the dressing table or vanity. This is because often a girl practices dance postures in front of the mirror. Make sure that the mirror is large in size and also beautifully adorned. Do not forget to create a special place for your dancer’s trophies – it may either be in the form of a display cabinet or several staggered shelves.

Cool Blue
How about giving a tropical feel to your water-loving daughter? For a girl who is into water sports, what can be more enticing than a room that reflects her taste? The first step towards creating a cool blue-theme bedroom would be to get the walls and the ceiling painted in the color. If you want to deploy two colors, go for the light and dark combination. Wallpaper with the cloud theme or water waves can be a great option for the ceiling.

The next aspect would be the bedding - make sure it is done in complementing tropical colors, such as lime green, hibiscus pink and ocean blue। Paste several framed vintage surfer posters to add to the feel of the room. As for the lights, plain lamp shades, decorated with using silk or plastic flowers, around the top and bottom rim would be the best bet. To complete the look, add potted palms or even large fake palm trees to the corners of the room.

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